Fresh shellfish being caught on a boat.

The Menai Seafood Company
sustainable specialist seafood

Welcome to The Menai Seafood Company. We're specialists in sustainable and responsibly sourced seafood - mainly from the Welsh coast but other key parts of the world as well.

Our mission is to give everyone the opportunity to explore and taste some of the most wonderful seafood available - full of protein and naturally healthy.

Our seafood is responsibly sourced and full flavoured for local restaurants, retailers and individual consumers. A love of seafood, together with strong and enduring science-based backgrounds, mean we don't compromise on quality or caring for the environment.

If you are concerned about COVID-19, then see our COVID-19 Statement

The Port Office is Open until 16:00.

Summer Grill Events

Fresh off the grill, seafood served in the walled garden next to our shop in Porth Penrhyn every Saturday between 12 - 4 pm. Weekly menu posted on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Come and enjoy a family friendly long lunch of delicious seafood and excellent company.

Sustainable And Responsible Seafood

We're seafood professionals and scientists, having spent our lives working within different parts of the fisheries world. When we use words like 'responsible', 'sustainable', 'ethical' and 'seasonal' to describe our seafood, we do so intentionally. We select our sources very carefully and trust every, single fishery. So you can enjoy our seafood safe in the knowledge that it's all traceable back to the point of landing or production.

If your idea of a really fine meal means lots of flavour and texture from fresh, simple ingredients - with an element of seasonal surprise - then our specialist seafood should be on your list.

Restaurants can order seafood direct, Delis and Cafes select our ready-made products and, if you're local, you can join our Seafood Club.