Welsh flag flying above a pyramid of lobster pots.

Marine Biologists And Seafood Champions

Hello! We're Mark Gray and James Wilson, founders of The Menai Seafood Company. We're the seafood team combining a deep love of the ocean's food with a desire to protect it and ensure its sustainability for generations to come.

We provide the very best food the sea has to offer - responsibly sourced, fresh and full flavoured fish and shellfish. Our individual backgrounds, as marine biologists and seafood specialists, mean we have great respect for our oceans. Balancing sustainability with our love of seafood is what matters most to us.

We started working together in 2014 supplying the very best mussels to markets in the midlands and northern England. Now, with The Menai Seafood Company, we're putting consumers in touch with as many seafood producers as possible. We want people to embrace the mystery of the catch thanks to the randomness of the ever-changing weather and seasons. We like the idea of letting the sea decide what you are going to eat - and when!

Mark and James posing for a photo.

Mark Gray

I have worked in the marine and fishing industries for over 20 years, concentrating upon stewardship and the commercial welfare of local fishing industries. My various roles within organisations such as the Countryside Council for Wales, Environment Agency and Sea Fish Industry Authority, have involved stock assessment, compliance with environmental policies and helping the industry improve its stewardship.

I have written and contributed towards numerous reports and papers on sustainability and innovation within both the fishing and shellfish farming sectors (published by government bodies and scientific journals).

Though my energies go into making a success of The Menai Seafood Company, I continue to support responsible sourcing projects and working with the Welsh Fishermen’s Association.

I live in Tregarth with my wife and our four rugby-playing sons (Bethesda RC is the one to watch). We're all keen anglers and fans of watersports in general.

Mark holding one of our freshly caught fish.

James Wilson

My life revolves round the sea and seafood - just like Mark. I have a deep understanding of catching, harvesting and processing seafood built up over many years as a fisherman (3rd generation) and a marine biologist.

I work extensively in the shellfish cultivation sector, growing (MSC accredited) mussels in the Menai Strait. I'm a director and long-standing member of the Shellfish Association of Great Britain (SAGB). In the past I have held many positions at board level with government organisations such as the Welsh Food Advisory Committee of the Food Standards Agency (WFAC), the Welsh Food and Drink industry board and the Sea Fish Industry Authority (SEAFISH).

I'm a strong believer in science and have substantial links into the research community as one can never know enough. I've been lucky enough to use this knowledge to live, work and eat in many different parts of the world. I am a very enthusiastic consumer of seafood as are the rest of my family!

Expert Help With Our Ready-To-Eat Range

We're working with the Food Technology Centre at Llandrillo College to develop a series of tasty recipes for our 'ready-to-eat' pâtés and mousses.

The Food Technology Centre has a micro lab on site which enables us to create not only great flavours but also a good shelf life for these natural fish products. We didn't want preservatives in our ready-to-eat range because they can affect both texture and flavour. So we've followed the Centre's recommendations on packaging and cooking methods to achieve the maximum shelf life possible.

We're keen to introduce people to the different types of seafood available and making it a regular feature on their daily menu. Our ready-to-eat pâté and mousse are a convenient way of doing just that.

You can find out more about the Food Technology Centre on their website.

Here's where you'll find more details of our ready-made products or seafood range.

Most of the seafood landed in Wales is shellfish such as lobsters, crabs and mussels.

Seafood Facts