Tidal pools sit with their seaweed.

Sustainability Statement

In the latter part of the 20th century, this last of the great hunter gatherer activities, was beset by a multiplicity of issues; overfishing, overcapacity in fishing fleets, environmental damage, pollution and the proliferation of illegal unreported and unregistered fishing.

Since the turn of the millennium, a great many steps have been undertaken to correct these flaws, antidotes to the venom of avarice and greed. Significant improvements in the management of fisheries and aquaculture and in seafood supply chains have come hand in hand with the development of a different lexicon. Words like ‘sustainable’ ‘responsible’ ‘ethical’ ‘seasonal’ are all applied to seafood with their underpinning definitions & abbreviations like ‘MSY’ ‘SSB’ ‘IUU’ ‘TAC’ ‘FQA’ have become commonplace.

It remains a complex and complicated landscape.

As industry professionals and scientists, who have spent our careers working within different parts of the fisheries world, we can help navigate through these complexities, providing you with seafood that you can enjoy in the knowledge that it comes from responsible, sustainable sources, with traceability back to the point of landing or production.

We will always provide you with the seafood you want, however our key mission is to try to get more wonderful Welsh landed and produced seafood appreciated by UK consumers.

Our seafood is responsibly sourced and full flavoured for local restaurants, retailers and individual consumers. A love of seafood, together with strong and enduring science-based backgrounds, mean we don't compromise on quality or caring for the environment.

If your idea of a really fine meal means lots of flavour and texture from fresh, simple ingredients - with an element of seasonal surprise - then our specialist seafood should be on your list.

Restaurants can order seafood direct, Delis and Cafes select our ready-made products and, if you're local, you can join our Seafood Club.