Tidal pools sit below the lighthouse.

Sustainable Seafood

As the strap line says, our mission is to provide the finest food sourced carefully from the sea. We want more people to experience the flavours and textures of different sustainable seafood; to taste beyond salmon and cod; to learn how to dress a crab or shuck an oyster.

Our Values

Our approach to 'sustainable seafood' embraces these 6 values:

  1. Sourcing and providing the best and broadest range of fish and shellfish the sea has to offer. This includes our smoked and ready-made products.
  2. Sourcing from verifiably responsible fisheries and producers with full traceability and provenance on all our seafood.
  3. Being a trusted and reliable supplier to the restaurant and retail trade so their customers keep coming back for more.
  4. Educating people, particularly children, about seafood. We want to introduce everyone to the different kinds of seafood available according to season and weather, how to prepare then cook it to perfection.
  5. Being part of the north Wales community helping it flourish for visitors, residents and businesses alike.
  6. Supporting human rights and equality within our seafood supply chains, and doing all we can to extinguish cruelty and discrimination.

Currently, more than 90% of seafood from the Welsh coast is exported to markets in Europe and Asia which is great for the consumers in these countries! However, it's time local people and visitors to Wales tasted the freshness and the variety of the daily catch. So we're doing our best to put Welsh seafood top of everyone's menu.

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