Day fishing boats moored in the harbour.

Sourcing Seafood Responsibly

Sustainable seafood means looking after the marine ecosystem and protecting the fish population. It's also about supporting coastal fishing communities and economies, and ensuring people who depend on fishing can maintain their livelihoods.

As marine biologists and responsible fishermen, we're actively doing our bit towards sustainability - respecting habitats and enabling the amazing variety of life inhabiting our oceans to continue doing so. Sourcing seafood responsibly is win-win for the oceans, the communities and people who love eating seafood.

High Quality Seafood Through Sustainability And Responsibility

We know the fishermen and producers who provide our fine seafood. They may not all be able to afford the MSC blue label but we can vouch for the sustainability of their fishing operations and provide traceability of their seafood back to the point of landing or production. We are committed to supporting these fisheries, especially in north Wales, and helping to nurture their industry.

Making sure our customers get the best quality seafood, means encouraging them to embrace the unpredictable nature of the catch so we don't overfish the favourites such as haddock and hake. And by purchasing responsibly sourced seafood, we are all helping create an incentive for fisheries, retailers and restaurants to thrive, driving the economy and local communities.

Sourcing seafood responsibly benefits the oceans, the communities and people who love eating seafood. Win-win all round!

Sion out fishing for fresh shellfish.

Seafood Jargon Buster

Confused by all the 'environmental' words casually flung around? Here are definitions to some that matter most in the marine and fishing world:

BAP: (Best Aquaculture Practices) Organisation that ensures responsible and healthy approaches to fish farming.

IUU: (Illegally, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing) No explanation needed!

MSC: (Marine Stewardship Council) International non-profit organisation that recognises and rewards efforts to protect oceans and seafood supplies.

MSY: (Maximum Sustainable Yield) The highest possible annual catch that can be sustained over time by keeping the stock at the level producing maximum growth.

SSB: (Spawning Stock Biomass) The total weight of sexually mature fish in the stock.

Responsible: the behaviour by humans regarding the capture and management of fishery resources.

Sustainable: the status and trajectory of aquatic living resources and fisheries economically dependent upon them.

Ethical: moral principles of balancing human and (fishery) ecosystem well-being.

Seasonal: fluctuating or restricted characteristics of a particular time of the year.

Our credentials and our values show you we mean business.

Fishing in Wales is largely by small day boats using pots, nets and lines (static gear)

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