A hand sprinkling garnish onto a plated fish dinner.

Top Quality Restaurant Seafood

We supply top quality local seafood to restaurants seeking real variety and a Welsh 'uniqueness'. Our seafood gives restaurants taste, texture and the kind of variety that your customers will appreciate.

We work with a number of selected fishermen and shellfish farmers whom we've known for years. They share our commitment to the environment and sustainable fishing.

Now, more than ever, people want something local and different. Offering a range of really tasty, locally caught seafood is a great way of meeting this need - and we're ready to assist. Prepared fresh and smoked fin fish, live shellfish and ready-made products - this is seafood destined for your 'specials' board.

Fresh lobsters ready for fine dining.

Exploring New Flavours

Many people are reluctant to explore new flavours because they're unsure about prepping seafood - especially shellfish. They also have no idea how to cook it and what kind of ingredients work best together. Over to you. What better way to show off your skills than with the highest quality ingredients?

There's another reason why The Menai Seafood Company is such an excellent supplier of restaurant seafood: - our environmental credentials. We have a very strong background in marine stewardship which reinforces our 3 key aims:

  • Helping the fishing industry thrive through the application of responsible and sustainable practices.
  • Encouraging a wider choice of seafood in tune with seasonal and sustainable availability.
  • Supporting local communities: - your dining customers, visiting tourists and local fisheries.

Ready-Made Smoked Seafood Dishes

In addition to our freshly caught seafood we produce ready-made products such as smoked mackerel pâté and mousse. They're both natural, luxury products using freshly smoked mackerel and simple, high quality ingredients.

The recipes were created in partnership with the Food Technology Centre at Llandrillo College. We then prepare and cook the products in our 5‑star food hygiene-rated kitchens in Bethesda.

Both the pâté and mousse are great as light meals for lunch, and as starters with tappas or as a dip. They are made without preservatives to ensure the flavour and texture of the mackerel remains. As with our fresh restaurant seafood, these ready-made products are full of flavour and represent a change from the normal, everyday ingredients.

Andy Tabberner, Head Chef Gaerwen Arms

Valued customer (and good friend) Andy Tabberner is head chef and co-owner of the Gaerwen Arms. He's also 2015 winner of Welsh Junior Chef of the Year. Not surprisingly, a reliable source of top quality local seafood is really important to him.

"I've been working with Mark and James for a couple of years. Their seafood is really top quality. Just hours old by the time it comes through the door. Sacks of incredible king scallops, really meaty mussels, the best lobsters I've tasted from Menai and the Llŷn Peninsula, spider crabs, wild bass, pollock - the range is awesome.

The joy of working closely with small, local independent suppliers is knowing you'll get the best quality possible. I like the element of surprise too - so even though we order on a Sunday, Mark and James will also tell me what's good right at the last minute. We're often creating fresh dishes to put on the menu an hour before we open! I love that kind of spontaneity - it keeps us on our toes!

My food style has changed so much since working with incredible suppliers like The Menai Seafood Company. Now I keep it to 3 ingredients so the flavours aren't competing with each other and the fish is always the star of the dish."

Andy holding one of our fresh fish.

How To Put The Best Seafood On Your Menu

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