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Welsh Ready-Made Seafood Products

We have created a range of luxury ready-made seafood products so retailers can offer their customers the chance to taste the fine, locally caught, tasty fish as a quick snack or light meal.

Our pâté and mousse are both natural, luxury products using freshly smoked mackerel and simple, high quality ingredients. The recipes for both were created with the Food Technology Centre at Llandrillo College. We then prepare and cook the products in our 5‑star food hygiene-rated kitchens in Bethesda.

We have a reputation for sourcing a wide range of really tasty seafood from local, responsible fishermen. These ready-made products mean you too can take advantage of the kind of high-quality seafood we offer restaurants and the public direct.

Ready-To-Serve Luxury Smoked Mackerel Pâté And Mousse

People are always looking for new flavours and textures but many are daunted by the thought of preparing and cooking seafood. With our smoked mackerel pâté and mousse you can introduce them to a quick and easy way to sample a tasty (and healthy) fish they might otherwise ignore.

Both the pâté and mousse are great as light meals for lunch, and as starters. As with all our fresh seafood, these ready-made products are full of flavour. They are made without preservatives to ensure the flavour and texture of the mackerel remains.

Our products are a great way to help your customers include seafood effortlessly into their meal plans - a mission very close to our hearts! There's lots of smoked salmon mousse and pâté around (especially at Christmas) so these two products make a real change. Both recipes balance the flavour of the mackerel with a creaminess that make them very versatile. Here are some quick suggestions for using the mousse and pâté for you to pass on to your customers:

  • stirred into a pasta dish
  • as a dip with either crudités or bread sticks
  • with salad and crusty bread
  • as part of a tapas meal
A jar of our luxury smoked mackerel mousse.

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